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Printed Backdrops



    Technology has revolutionized the sign industry, bringing about incredible advancements in sign design, substrates, printing processes, and installation techniques. Thanks to these innovations, business owners can now access bigger, higher-quality signs with faster turnaround times than ever before.



    A great example of this is the transformation of backdrops for photo studios, events, and concerts. In the past, commissioning painters was the only way to get custom backdrops. But today, businesses can turn to Redland signs , a trusted local sign company with cutting-edge large format printers and fade-resistant eco-solvent ink, to create stunning backdrops that perfectly convey their message.

    At Redland Signs , we specialize in creating custom printed backdrops using a wide selection of banner substrates. Whether you need a backdrop for an event, a photo shoot, or a concert, we have the expertise, equipment, and materials to deliver exceptional results. Let us help you make a lasting impression with a backdrop that truly captures the essence of your business.

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    A Versatile Solution

    .At Redland Signs, we understand that every business and event is unique, and that’s why we offer custom-made backdrops tailored to fit your brand, target market, and specific objectives. While our printed backdrops are faster to produce than traditional hand-painted backdrops, we never compromise on quality or customization.

    We carefully select the best sign materials from our wide range of substrates to ensure that your backdrop is both effective and durable. For indoor events, we recommend using fabric substrates such as heavy knit fabrics or cotton canvas, which are ideal for front-lit backdrops. Translucent and medium-weight substrates work well with backlighting to create a stunning visual effect.

    For outdoor events, vinyl is the perfect material due to its durability and ability to withstand outdoor elements. At Redland Signs, we offer a variety of vinyl options, including vinyl mesh for windy occasions and regular matte vinyl prints. Our premium, fade-resistant eco-solvent ink ensures that your outdoor backdrops remain vibrant and eye-catching for a long time.

    No matter the size or scope of your event, Redland Signs has the expertise, materials, and equipment to create custom-made backdrops that perfectly reflect your brand and message. Contact us today to learn more about our customized backdrop solutions.

    Durable & Long-Lasting

    At Redland Signs, we are dedicated to providing high-quality backdrops that are specifically designed for outdoor use. Our vinyl backdrops are fade-resistant, water-resistant, and wind-resistant, ensuring that they look great and withstand the elements for years to come. Additionally, they are easy to maintain and keep clean, making them the perfect choice for busy events.

    To further reinforce the durability of our backdrops, we use premium nylon to strengthen the hems and grommets, ensuring that your backdrop is both strong and secure. This means you can focus on the event itself, rather than worrying about the quality of your backdrop.

    Our custom printed backdrops are the ideal choice for events, concerts, and trade shows that require traveling to different locations with varying weather conditions. With Redland Signs , you can rest assured that your backdrop will remain crisp and clean throughout your event, leaving a lasting impression on your audience. Contact us today to learn more about our customized backdrop solutions.

    Lightweight & Portable

    Technology has revolutionized the way we create backdrops, making them not only faster to produce but also much easier to handle and transport. Painted backdrops can be heavy and difficult to clean, but with the advent of large format printing and PVC banner substrates, you won’t have to deal with all that hassle anymore.

    At Redland signs, we specialize in custom printed backdrops that are lighter and easier to handle than traditional painted backdrops. Our backdrops are simply rolled up and shipped to you, and they can be easily unrolled without the need for steaming or ironing before setup. This makes the entire process hassle-free and more efficient.

    Installation is also a breeze with our custom printed backdrops, which are equipped with strong hems and can be designed with eyelets/grommets or pole pockets, depending on your preferences. This means you can easily hang your backdrop in any location, without having to worry about it falling down or getting damaged.

    At Redland Signs , we take pride in providing high-quality, custom-made backdrops that are designed to make your event stand out. Contact us today to learn more about our customized backdrop solutions.

    Full-Service Sign Company

    At Redland Signs , we take pride in our reputation as a trusted signage provider in the area. We have worked on countless printed backdrop projects for various clients, and we are committed to providing exceptional service to each and every one of them.

    Our experienced project managers are dedicated to guiding you through the entire sign-making process, from start to finish. They will work closely with you to understand your needs and objectives, and will provide expert advice and guidance at every step of the way.

    Our graphic artists are also on hand to help you design a backdrop that reflects your brand and your message. They will work with you to create a custom design that is both eye-catching and effective, ensuring that your backdrop stands out and makes a lasting impression.

    At Redland Signs , we are passionate about what we do, and we are committed to delivering high-quality, customized signage solutions to our clients. Whether you need a printed backdrop or any other type of sign, we are here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our services and to discuss your project with our team.

    Free Printed Backdrops Consultation

    Redland signs  has been producing top-quality printed backdrops for a long time, and we take pride in our commitment to excellence. Our state-of-the-art large format printers produce high-resolution prints that are sure to catch the eye of your target market. We have a team of skilled graphic artists who can help you create a stunning design that speaks to your brand and your objectives.

    We understand that projects like these require strong communication and collaboration, and our project managers are experts in ensuring that every step of the process goes smoothly. We also have a customer support team that’s always ready to answer your questions and address any concerns you may have.

    When you work with Redland Signs, you can be confident that you’ll get the best value for your investment. We use only the highest quality substrates and fade-resistant eco-solvent inks, ensuring that your backdrops will last for years. Whether you’re looking for a backdrop for a photo studio, event, concert, or trade show, we’re here to help you create something that will make your brand stand out.

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